staying lean year round

My first figure competition was in 2011 and last one occurred fall of 2013. Because bodybuilding was my sport for those years, I would cut/bulk certain times of the year, depending on my show date. But now fast forward to 2014, I have a new goal, which is to stay lean year round. 365 days a year.

This requires new habits. In which the holidays coming up is when I’d start bulking and gain 15-20lbs. Of course I’d lose it for the show, but not a fan anymore of losing/gaining. This time, I want a figure I can maintain all year round and be proud of. No depression stages, binging stages, and want to wear baggy clothes and bake and only movement is heavy a** lifting stage. Which is normal for most bodybuilders but honestly, I just want to be strong and lean everyday. L-I-F-E-S-T-Y-L-E

That means cardio won’t be just something I just do during Pre-Contest

That means I won’t gorge and eat whatever I want during the holidays

Also I will always choose clean foods for 80-90% time and eat crap on occasion 10-20% time in which the more you eat healthy food, the more you will crave healthy food.

I will be practicing what I preach- everyday. Lead by example..

This changes your relationship with food-in a healthy way. Food for fuel, not for emotions or when deprived and eat everything like food will be gone forever. Now when I am more balanced, I’ll choose to eat healthy for health and my goals and know it’s a choice- not a drag.


Who reading this is maintaining a lean figure year round? What do you do that helps and how to you manage your nutrition/workouts differently?









Question for you..

If you were to think about the fitness industry and all it has to offer, in what way would you like more help?

Think of a way that can ultimately help Y-O-U in your fitness journey. Maybe something many fitness professionals are already doing, or a way where those services need more of , or even an imaginary service that hasn’t been created yet?

My desire is to help YOU and in order to do my best with what I know by experience and knowledge, I need to know the best way I can help.

Please brainstorm and daydream about it and let me know by a comment here or send me an email at

Thank You,


Online Training

There is so many articles on the internet on workout programs for multiple goals.That happen to be free. I think those are great resources especially if just starting out. But let’s say you are getting a little more serious….

Maybe you are second guessing if these exercises are right for your body type

Or maybe you’re needing a more personalized workout program that support your goals and hobbies

What if your injured or in recovery and need to work your body to its potential while not further injuring it

Is there a vacation coming up you’d like to be beach ready for or a special event

Are you a male or female- easy to build- or hardgainer- easy to put on fat- or naturally slim

What kind of time do you have and with the time you do have, how do you make it worthwhile

Are you changing it up enough or doing the same program you liked months-years ago that at one time gave your results but hey guess what you are stronger and need something more advanced now

These are some questions that come in my mind when I write someone an in individualized workout program. Also when someone tells me they do an online workout program that are out there for everybody- like I said I think it’s great you are using the resources available but ask yourself- are you ready for the next step? Are you ready to invest a little in something that you do almost everyday and where these individualized changes can be huge in strength, endurance, more functional, increase in athletic performance, more muscle/less body fat, flexibility, speed/agility, balance, which ever you are working towards depending on your personal goals. Let’s get to it- you are worth it!! Email me or comment here.


say no to drugs(sugar)

About a couple of months ago, I decided to cut out sugar completely. No more added sugar in my diet including any condiments, desserts, protein(candy) bars, processed foods, Ect. I did it not for “diet” reasons but for HEALTH. It was a choice I made and yes it can be hard, but sooo worth it!!

One article that inspired me and you should definitely read it is..

Also was inspired by the research I’ve done and in the past and myself experimenting with no added sugar besides natural fruit and vegetable sugars, I remember feeling GREAT!

Here’s an excellent article explaining some effects of sugar

To me I think of sugar as empty calories- nothing to serve-no nutrients, addictive in which a sugar binge is highly likely, and how it affects every system of your body- digestive, hormonal, brain, and more. So that alone makes me have no desire to have sugar. If anything it is helping emotionally. But food shouldn’t be an emotional fix, God is, not food.

So what made me really want to write this article is that im 100% serious about what I wrote above. We hear it all the time, but to put it to use is a different story. I haven’t had sugar in a couple of months, and a few nights ago I had some cookies that my mom made because I was tempted and gave in, not just 1-2 either…and wow let me tell you..

That night before I even went to sleep my stomach HURT. But the next morning was worst. I’m going to call it a cookie hangover. Dang, every joint in my body ached and I was sleepy, and my body felt so off, it was just a big reminder on why I’m not eating sugar. And what’s weird, is that I used to everyday and when your used to a certain feeling, its hard to think you can feel better, but I am here telling you that YOU can!!!

Try it please with sugar on top :) ha ha no but really I believe it’s for the best. Your body will thank you.



Disconnected weekend at the cabin

This last weekend, I had an amazing time at South Platte River and Decker’s Resort, where there is a few cabins, no service, lots of outdoor/nature time and back to SIMPLICITY.

In today’s world, when your going somewhere without service, it’s like “wait, what?” And you feel and are disconnected from the world. But man, oh the beauty! From being surrounded by the Lord’s wonderful creations and waking up without Facebook/Instagram and instead digging into God’s word and spending more personal time with God. Then in complete gratitude to the where I’m at with amazing people. And being around not high-tech or entertainment but with our self, nature, family, and a mind to conquer and sacrifice comfort for LIFE.

It make’s me want to re-evaluate some things in life. Like do we really need that upgrade or maybe how to prioritize our actions instead of leaning on social media, how about using our abilities and mind and body of strength that God gave us and spend it more on His purpose for you and I, which our purpose always points other’s to God because to fulfill our purpose would be impossible by man alone.

Being out here in nature also makes me think about stress in our lives. Did you know stress is the main contributor of all diseases? It raises cortisol levels (which is good for short high stressors, but when it’s prolonged it’s damaging for our health, especially the waist line). But yes being out here, makes me feel so calm where your head is clear, in a refreshed state, and creative, while being a helper and a lover. It makes me crave that more. How can we eliminate or lessen stress in our lives? What “extras” or “expectations” do we put on ourselves that is taking the best out of us? Are all of these to-do’s worth the toll, if we were to prioritize a few things and do the best we can, and be happy with that and let the pressure relieve, knowing there’s another day tomorrow?  I can just imagine in my head, that when Stress is relieving, Healing is Speeding. And to start with prayer and leaning on God for daily strength.

Overall I hope you had a glimpse of what I did and for both of us to just slow down-stop-and first be thankful for what we have, appreciate the little things in life, and ask yourself, “Am I going 100mph, what can I do to gain life and eliminate unnecessary stressors, that in the end might interrupt the goodness and God’s design plan He has for me in my life?”


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the public observance

This is an obvious observation but something that annoys me when you think what people are attentive to. Do you notice by the way your dressed, how done-up you are, what your body looks like- the attention you get is out of the roof?! It’s annoying to me because people are drawn to LOOKS but when was the last time you got that same attention for simply helping someone and doing the right thing or even smiling and greeting someone.

I don’t do things for attention. I do them for God because I love God and want to love people and help people to hopefully point others to God. I don’t work for people- I don’t workout or eat healthy for attention from others but my purpose on earth is much greater than that. To glorify the utmost, highest God. God has plans for YOU and I. But to follow His plan I need to go and do what He tells me. How do I hear what that is you ask? By surrendering my life to Him every single day and talking to the Holy Spirit and asking for Guidance in all directions. When you ask, He will prevail.

I dare you to ask yourself ” Am I doing things for attention?” “What is my purpose of doing with what I’m doing?” “Am I celebrating the attention of others by looks or by their lovely self?”

Definitely don’t want you to interpret this wrong- Of course things that get you attention by people are healthy habits that you should keep doing- but making sure your purpose and intention is lined up right.

attention from God > attention from people

Also something we as a team can start doing is giving more attention to others for their LOVE, time, respect, service ECT. and less on Looks.

This was just something on my mind, I’d thought I’d share! God Bless- have a good week!




Competition Training vs Current Training

For anyone competing, do you feel like you don’t train exactly how you want to due to trying to attain a certain look?  More muscle in some areas and less in others, to achieve the shape your going after?

Well yes, when training for a competition and going after a certain look it is important to think things through with all the physical activity you are doing that might affect your body composition results.

But now that there is no competition in mind for a while I’m training differently, and some body parts more than I’ve had in the past, with no worry.

For example, I know my legs develop pretty good and that was number one change of training for me.  Through all competition, I’ve only worked them 1x week with weights because they tend to grow quickly. But now I’m kind of curious and experimenting with working them 2-3 week and actually think I might get more separation, yet their bigger in size, but I’m happy with the differences I’m seeing, just by adding 1-2 more days in. Can’t wait to see as time goes.

An opinion I also have on this that is subjective to what I had to say is if you have a body part that is easily and nicely developed, why not work it to its potential and yes you might be out of “proportion” but then again you might also be known and stand out because of the astonishment of the potential. So  if I was competitively competing it’d be a risk to take, not knowing what side the judge will look at it, but as of today I’d be willing to take it!

I also think if you like something a lot that is a sport or hobby that affects your results in more of a negative way, such as running or endurance sports in general, then to YOU is it worth giving up incase it might alter your results?

I would give anything up in the beginning of my journey to achieve the body I was going after. Now, years later,  I think in order to stay in the fitness game in the long run, you need to enjoy it and physical activity is physical activity. If your really concerned, I would look at your pre/post training meals, but other than that if you want to go out for a long run, do it. Or on a bike trail, doo it. Or even playing sports all day at the park, whatever it is that is physical and you like, do itt.

Which body part develops easy on you? What do you avoid or do extra of?

I hope to get you thinking outside of the box. Like training outdoors, especially during summer time is a nice time to enjoy your activities, don’t hold back. If anything, be more cautious about your pre/post training meals. Also to work your body parts to its potential, see how far it can go. It’s good just to have fun with training, we are all unique in our own way, let’s just train hard and enjoy every bit. For life is too short.