say no to drugs(sugar)

About a couple of months ago, I decided to cut out sugar completely. No more added sugar in my diet including any condiments, desserts, protein(candy) bars, processed foods, Ect. I did it not for “diet” reasons but for HEALTH. It was a choice I made and yes it can be hard, but sooo worth it!!

One article that inspired me and you should definitely read it is..

Also was inspired by the research I’ve done and in the past and myself experimenting with no added sugar besides natural fruit and vegetable sugars, I remember feeling GREAT!

Here’s an excellent article explaining some effects of sugar

To me I think of sugar as empty calories- nothing to serve-no nutrients, addictive in which a sugar binge is highly likely, and how it affects every system of your body- digestive, hormonal, brain, and more. So that alone makes me have no desire to have sugar. If anything it is helping emotionally. But food shouldn’t be an emotional fix, God is, not food.

So what made me really want to write this article is that im 100% serious about what I wrote above. We hear it all the time, but to put it to use is a different story. I haven’t had sugar in a couple of months, and a few nights ago I had some cookies that my mom made because I was tempted and gave in, not just 1-2 either…and wow let me tell you..

That night before I even went to sleep my stomach HURT. But the next morning was worst. I’m going to call it a cookie hangover. Dang, every joint in my body ached and I was sleepy, and my body felt so off, it was just a big reminder on why I’m not eating sugar. And what’s weird, is that I used to everyday and when your used to a certain feeling, its hard to think you can feel better, but I am here telling you that YOU can!!!

Try it please with sugar on top :) ha ha no but really I believe it’s for the best. Your body will thank you.



Disconnected weekend at the cabin

This last weekend, I had an amazing time at South Platte River and Decker’s Resort, where there is a few cabins, no service, lots of outdoor/nature time and back to SIMPLICITY.

In today’s world, when your going somewhere without service, it’s like “wait, what?” And you feel and are disconnected from the world. But man, oh the beauty! From being surrounded by the Lord’s wonderful creations and waking up without Facebook/Instagram and instead digging into God’s word and spending more personal time with God. Then in complete gratitude to the where I’m at with amazing people. And being around not high-tech or entertainment but with our self, nature, family, and a mind to conquer and sacrifice comfort for LIFE.

It make’s me want to re-evaluate some things in life. Like do we really need that upgrade or maybe how to prioritize our actions instead of leaning on social media, how about using our abilities and mind and body of strength that God gave us and spend it more on His purpose for you and I, which our purpose always points other’s to God because to fulfill our purpose would be impossible by man alone.

Being out here in nature also makes me think about stress in our lives. Did you know stress is the main contributor of all diseases? It raises cortisol levels (which is good for short high stressors, but when it’s prolonged it’s damaging for our health, especially the waist line). But yes being out here, makes me feel so calm where your head is clear, in a refreshed state, and creative, while being a helper and a lover. It makes me crave that more. How can we eliminate or lessen stress in our lives? What “extras” or “expectations” do we put on ourselves that is taking the best out of us? Are all of these to-do’s worth the toll, if we were to prioritize a few things and do the best we can, and be happy with that and let the pressure relieve, knowing there’s another day tomorrow?  I can just imagine in my head, that when Stress is relieving, Healing is Speeding. And to start with prayer and leaning on God for daily strength.

Overall I hope you had a glimpse of what I did and for both of us to just slow down-stop-and first be thankful for what we have, appreciate the little things in life, and ask yourself, “Am I going 100mph, what can I do to gain life and eliminate unnecessary stressors, that in the end might interrupt the goodness and God’s design plan He has for me in my life?”


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the public observance

This is an obvious observation but something that annoys me when you think what people are attentive to. Do you notice by the way your dressed, how done-up you are, what your body looks like- the attention you get is out of the roof?! It’s annoying to me because people are drawn to LOOKS but when was the last time you got that same attention for simply helping someone and doing the right thing or even smiling and greeting someone.

I don’t do things for attention. I do them for God because I love God and want to love people and help people to hopefully point others to God. I don’t work for people- I don’t workout or eat healthy for attention from others but my purpose on earth is much greater than that. To glorify the utmost, highest God. God has plans for YOU and I. But to follow His plan I need to go and do what He tells me. How do I hear what that is you ask? By surrendering my life to Him every single day and talking to the Holy Spirit and asking for Guidance in all directions. When you ask, He will prevail.

I dare you to ask yourself ” Am I doing things for attention?” “What is my purpose of doing with what I’m doing?” “Am I celebrating the attention of others by looks or by their lovely self?”

Definitely don’t want you to interpret this wrong- Of course things that get you attention by people are healthy habits that you should keep doing- but making sure your purpose and intention is lined up right.

attention from God > attention from people

Also something we as a team can start doing is giving more attention to others for their LOVE, time, respect, service ECT. and less on Looks.

This was just something on my mind, I’d thought I’d share! God Bless- have a good week!




Competition Training vs Current Training

For anyone competing, do you feel like you don’t train exactly how you want to due to trying to attain a certain look?  More muscle in some areas and less in others, to achieve the shape your going after?

Well yes, when training for a competition and going after a certain look it is important to think things through with all the physical activity you are doing that might affect your body composition results.

But now that there is no competition in mind for a while I’m training differently, and some body parts more than I’ve had in the past, with no worry.

For example, I know my legs develop pretty good and that was number one change of training for me.  Through all competition, I’ve only worked them 1x week with weights because they tend to grow quickly. But now I’m kind of curious and experimenting with working them 2-3 week and actually think I might get more separation, yet their bigger in size, but I’m happy with the differences I’m seeing, just by adding 1-2 more days in. Can’t wait to see as time goes.

An opinion I also have on this that is subjective to what I had to say is if you have a body part that is easily and nicely developed, why not work it to its potential and yes you might be out of “proportion” but then again you might also be known and stand out because of the astonishment of the potential. So  if I was competitively competing it’d be a risk to take, not knowing what side the judge will look at it, but as of today I’d be willing to take it!

I also think if you like something a lot that is a sport or hobby that affects your results in more of a negative way, such as running or endurance sports in general, then to YOU is it worth giving up incase it might alter your results?

I would give anything up in the beginning of my journey to achieve the body I was going after. Now, years later,  I think in order to stay in the fitness game in the long run, you need to enjoy it and physical activity is physical activity. If your really concerned, I would look at your pre/post training meals, but other than that if you want to go out for a long run, do it. Or on a bike trail, doo it. Or even playing sports all day at the park, whatever it is that is physical and you like, do itt.

Which body part develops easy on you? What do you avoid or do extra of?

I hope to get you thinking outside of the box. Like training outdoors, especially during summer time is a nice time to enjoy your activities, don’t hold back. If anything, be more cautious about your pre/post training meals. Also to work your body parts to its potential, see how far it can go. It’s good just to have fun with training, we are all unique in our own way, let’s just train hard and enjoy every bit. For life is too short.





A couple of months ago, I found out about adult gymnastics classes at 5280 gymnastics center. I was so happy because I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wishing there was an adult class nearby. There wasn’t in Kennewick and not a specific class in Vancouver, just open gym, but not a structured class to go to. So yes my excitement was there….

Then after my first class, I was hooked! Did a ton of drills and skills and met some awesome people! I was starting to play around with Eileen Wells, A PRO fitness competitor, and we would work on fitness skills.. Just by the month or more I was going, my skill level and gymnastics were increasing and so I planned to make a comeback in Fitness in August.

I was doing gymnastics 2x week and Shoulders 2x week along with all my other muscle groups. Feeling strong, working my shoulders extra hard to do some harder handstand gymnastics skills, I went to my next class and did a press to handstand drill and that was ITTTT. I lifted my arm up and this pain in the front delts was crazy. My shoulders were done, and it seemed like I was on a roll and at a high peak when it suddenly reversed. It was emotionally hard because I knew this feeling wasn’t good, and the first thing in my head was “uh oh Lord please heal me I really would like to compete Fitness in August”

At the point I hurt it, I’d be 15 weeks out, enough time to hire a choreographer, learn the routine, and polish and compete it in August. I still had hope, for God to heal it but also to see what the doctors say. Well…straight to the results, after my appointment, they said I  tore my rotator cuff. Yes I had in the past, so yes it’d be more likely to happen again but man not so good timing. In the past I laid off of it for at least 6 weeks and did rehab exercises and came back strong, strengthening the weak points and stability muscles in the shoulder. So this time I took the same route, stopped all chest/shoulder exercises and replaced  them with rehab physical therapy exercises, and so 4 weeks later (last week) I felt GREAT, like almost as if I didn’t injur it, my pullups were doing good also. I figured if I can do 10 sets of pullups, I can do a straddle(no feet) ropeclimb. I was about 3/4 up and yanked myself up there, feeling a tear and extreme pain. I came down, icing it, and it felt worse than the first time I injured. I can’t lift it, no rotation or range of motion at all right now. I have an appointment tomorrow to get a referral to get a MRI. I don’t want to keep repeating this rehab/injury cycle and would like to know what is going on in my shoulder. I’ll keep you guys updated with that.

I know God is part of this. He knows with my competitive side, I’d still go for it, and this I believe happened to make confirmation and say No to competing fitness right now and to put my money and time into something else this year.

“If you so choose, even the unexpected setbacks can bring new and positive possibilities. If you so choose, you can find value and fulfillment in every circumstance.”-Ralph Marston

“Realize that illness and other temporal setbacks often come to us from the hand of God our Lord, and are sent to help us know ourselves better, to free ourselves of the love of created things, and to reflect on the brevity of this life and, thus, to prepare ourselves for the life which is without end.”-Saint Ignatius


Food allergies

Last week I had food allergy testing done consisting of 16 basic foods and 1 pet.
Getting down to the results it showed I had a bad reaction (welts form on your skin where the needle was poked if allergic) to CATS ( which was a severe allergenic response) to corn, and shellfish.
I’d like to say goodbye to my favorite foods involving shellfish and corn…Bye bye shrimp cocktail, fresh crab/oysters/mussels, popcorn, corn tortillas, roasted corn on the cob, corn tortilla chips, and black bean corn salsa..Farewell.

In all honesty I’m happy knowing and it’s another way to become even healthier, in which I’d recommend for you to get food allergy testing done for self awareness and increasing one’s health.

Also during the session I spoke to the allergy professional and reviewed that no histamine reaction occurred for milk, knowing my tummy can not handle it, and then realized it’s an enzyme production problem, due to not producing lactase to break down milk sugar. But also other foods I was also curious about that causes me problems and He explained to me, if I’m having problems with it it’s -something you can have an intolerance to or have poor gut health( not enough of the good bacteria-probiotics or enzyme related) and To listen to your body after eating foods and if it simply doesn’t tolerate well, simply remove it and in the meantime take supplements, and find a replacement food until your gut is ready for it. I like to feel good (who doesn’t), in which I’m going to pay extra close attention to see how my tummy reacts to other foods and listen for ones to lay off of, it will be worth it!!

Oh I was happy I’m not allergic to peanut butter or gluten!!!!!!I stayed away from both incase I was because I know those 2 are highly common allergenic foods, but now their back on the menu!

I was reading about food allergies and came across a long term benefit everyone will love when staying away from foods that have an allergenic response..

“When you eat a food to which you are allergic, your adrenal glands release hormones (cortisol and adrenalin, also called epinephrine) to cope with the allergic reaction. These hormones cause a breakdown of glycogen (stored carbohydrate) in the liver and increase your blood sugar level. The increased blood sugar stimulates the release of insulin. However, the high cortisol levels you are experiencing direct your cells to stop taking sugar up from the blood, in essence causing temporary insulin resistance.Because the glucose just released into the blood is not being taken up by the cells, more insulin is released, which results in an even higher insulin level in the blood. A high level of insulin activates the enzyme lipoprotein lipase which catalyzes the production of fats. Thus, excess insulin promotes storage of any fat we eat rather than using it for fuel. High insulin levels in the blood inhibit the activity of the enzyme triglyceride lipase which breaks down stored fat for use as energy. Thus, if you have chronically high insulin due to continual allergic reactions, you cannot burn your own body fat, and any fat you eat is likely to be stored rather than used for energy. In addition, if your insulin level is high, protein and carbohydrates you eat which are in excess of what you burn for fuel in the two hours after a meal are more likely to be converted to and stored as fat.

Food allergies also cause inflammation that makes the body’s master weight control hormone, leptin, ineffective. Although overweight people usually have very high levels of leptin, it does not do its job. This condition is called leptin resistance. If an optimally healthy, normal-weight person overeats, their leptin level rises, which increases their metabolic rate and decreases their appetite. If you have constant inflammation due to food allergies, this does not occur.

Another way that food allergies contribute to overweight is by causing food addiction or allergic cravings which drive you to overeat. When you eat a problem food, you have an immune response which often involves making antibodies that mediate the immune response to the food. Eating that food again ties up some of the antibodies and decreases allergic symptoms. Thus, some people unknowingly manage their allergy symptoms by getting regular “fixes” from eating their problem foods. If you suspect that you are having allergic cravings or notice that some foods make you feel better, you may be allergic to those foods, and you should pursue the diagnosis of potential new food allergies. You must eliminate all of your allergenic foods from your diet to control inflammation and lose weight.”- Nickie Dumke, owner of Allergy Adapt Inc.l

Well I hope you found this helpful in some sense, let’s stay healthy together! I believe getting bloodwork/allergy testing/ physical done it can be scary, but self awareness to your health is very important in order to not have any surprises and for preventative care. I hope you all have a blessed week,




Random Wednesday thought:
I love personal training

I have been training individuals (and groups)- cheers to my past bootcamp classes! But I mostly train individuals and have been since 2009. Wow this is my 5th year and you would think I’d get tired of it but you know it’s a true passion when actually over time it feels like it’s becoming better. The more we grow and learn also is a big reasoning on that. But let’s see how I can give you some visual..

When the client and I hit the gym floor its GO TIME!
my mind before the client even begins is in paradise, with their workout visualized in my head, knowing their condition when coming in and what we are going to hit, personalizing their workout with creativity overflowing and making sure each and every rep is on the dot and their muscles is screaming and heart is racing and attacking enough angles and variety that is just enough to get enough sets in with the time given but also that their bodies will respond to and transform, eliminating any stressors and keeping the mind free and focused on this exact moment, where they conquer and walk out (or crawl out) with complete satisfaction.

I love personal training so much I just will fight to be able to do it more. I’ll never forget my future goal and I know not to lose sight of is my own studio, perhaps by a beach. I know God will reveal in His timing and give the desires to my heart to pursue when time is right. In the meantime I’ll keep kicking a**es and believe.  With God, anything is possible.