Sometimes we get so wrapped up on what is the best cardio, or weight training split, exercises, or “diet” or foods to eat…BUT STOP..

Why worry about those details when whatever your choosing to do isn’t consistent and with whatever is going on in your life, it’s obvious it isn’t a priority enough to put in the effort DAILY in nutrition and workouts.

Instead of only trying when you WANT to: when your motivated, when you feel fat, when you go clothes shopping, when you have energy, when you have time..ect.

Ask yourself..

Is living healthy the lifestyle I want to choose?

If it is, You will put in the effort in when You don’t want to, when your lazy, when your feeling fit, when you look ok, when your tired, when you have extremely busy days…ect.

So if choosing a healthy lifestyle is something you’re doing or are going to start doing, CONGRATULATIONS! There are so many benefits!!

First I want to tell you, Ever since I got serious into weight training in 2009, I can remember 2 weeks where I didn’t train. At all. One week I was very sick and couldn’t so I drank green smoothies and made sure nutrition was 100% since I wasn’t able to train. The second week I purposely took off because I was giving my body a recovery week.

But yes there was plenty of weeks where I would miss days but make it up that same week by doing doubles on diff days or combining workouts. But not miss ones. Yes I go on vacation and workout just 1 hour of my day, Yes I have injuries but workout around the injury, yes I have really busy days but will miss an hour of sleep to fit it in, Yes I lose motivation but don’t train by motivation since it doesn’t last but on commitment, Yes there could be a lot of “excuses” but I challenge you to challenge your consistency!

Here is a great article on muscle atrophy when not training:

Some benefits I’ve noticed with consistent exercise:

1. Self confidence= improves mood

2. Keeps body fat down= good health= lessens risk of disease(s)

3. High energy

4. Better Sleep

5. Exercise to me is FUN and that makes me happy

6. Metabolism seems higher because when I miss days or on vacation I lose weight lol.

7. Muscles are STRONG and continually getting stronger, no atrophy going on in this body!

I hope you get the point and how important consistency is. And to work the muscle at least 1x week! There’s a lot of muscles to work so pair some up if you can’t do 1-2 muscle groups a day for a 6 day split. There is several different splits to hit all body parts 1x week. Be creative and have fun with it! If you need help I am here and would love to help create an individualized program, message me!!

Keep at it friends! God Bless,





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thankfulness+ winter of 2013

Happy New Years to YOU!

It’s been awhile since my last post. A LOT has happened since. I finally have some down time to give a blog update!

I hope my situation can help you in some way, shape, or form! :)

Around Thanksgiving time, I remember the Holy Spirit played a heavy sense of “something needs to change” and it was either my job, housing, daily routine, ect. It was so strong I could not concentrate and constantly when not working or sleeping would pray- research jobs, moving, and willingly surrender my life to God to wherever He wants me. I also started to not feel myself and felt isolated and would dream about being closer to family. But I really had no idea what exactly needed to change.

I do believe God’s way of communicating with us is through dreams, people, things in life, and events that happen or don’t happen.

Well then something happened. I no longer worked at Tri City Court Club. It was saddening because of the connections made and amazing people I’ve met there. But I kept my head up, also had more clarity on the sense I was feeling. God closed one door to open up something better.

One way to hear from God to know what to do next is I applied for more jobs and if this is where He wants me then I believe I’ll easily get the jobs and thrive there. But each job was a no-go and I didn’t want to settle less.

That means there needs to be a moved involved unless a miracle comes along. And with the need to be closer to family, it was calling my name.

But in the meantime I reached the lowest point of my life. All I could do is cry for help asking God, where do you want me?!?!?!?! Rent was due. I was still working at Garland’s Gymnastics getting 10 hours a week which was not enough to live. Couldn’t afford rent, to eat, gas to drive, bills to pay, and Christmas presents to buy for family/friends. I remember I had $5 in which I gave it all during offering at church, Trusting God 100%. Because He is my source. I remember going through change to buy dinner. I remember walking to places instead of driving. I even tried to sell things I owned. Oh and to move I would need someone to take over my lease that I had 6more months of. Definitely in the Word of God and in prayer constantly and doing all that I could do and give the rest to God. But honestly It was a mess. And more of the meaning of life just shined through.

A lot of friends and family contacted me through this tough time and gave support and love. I want to give a big thank you to those that reached out. It meant more than you realize. :)

You know when you get those dreams that are bold in your head and you remember everything about it, even if it seemed way pointless at the moment? Yes, well I had a dream of me in Gap browsing through the store and had short convo with cashier and it was just more memorable than others. Well you know how I said I needed to find someone to take over my lease to move. Well a friend mentioned a girl who is a friend of mine from Church and she was looking for  a place. I messaged her, she came over the next day, and that night signed to take over the lease, finding out she is the manager at GAP! crazy how God works, right?

Then I got a call from my parents that they would move me to Colorado ASAP and have Matt my stepdad fly out to Pasco and Then we could get a Uhaul, tow my car on the back, and drive to Colorado. It was a wide open door and happened so smoothly and definitely from God, in which I said YES!

So here I am, in Colorado, and loving it. When having faith in God, He will guide you every step of the way and make things come together. It’s important to keep your head up and positivity in your darkest moments. But yes in Colorado, the fitness is really big over here. Lots of active people, and the place to pursue my passion. My family is here- I can play with my brother and sister and be more part of their lives again(9yrs old). The elevation makes it harder to breathe which will be good to become a fitter athlete. And I’m trying out a church tomorrow- to worship my father in Heaven and hear the gospel to preach it out to others :)

Things are falling into place. Still settling in. My health choices have not been a priority at this time of my life and probably the crappiest eating I’ve had for awhile. I’m okay with it, now that things are more settled I’ll be right back on it. No cardio for who knows how long. Weights a few times a week compared to 5-6x. Again, It will be back to the Norm soon, it’s just a big move I went through and still trying to settle.

I will update more as things start to occur. Thank you for reading. You guys are awesome!!! Have a good night,


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An athlete’s typical day

So it’s common to look through a magazine, book, on tv, or an article of someone that inspires us as thoughts go through our head “I wish I could be in their spot….” or “Man…one day..” ” If only..”

But do we really know what they push through and go through to be where their at? What goes on during a typical day in an athlete’s life?

Because of my goal is to turn pro in Figure. It might sound big, but I’m not stopping till I’m there. And probably won’t stop after that either :) But anyway so the ones that points out to me most are the one’s that are PRO and are inspirational as a person as well :)

I did some research and found little clip its of their day.

#1  Oskana Girshina                                                                                                                                                           -in season

“Here’s a sample of my typical day, to inspire you, and let you know you’re not alone.

I wake up by 7am to a Platinum Whey Protein Shake, Dr. Feel Good multivitamins, and a fat-burning assist from SAN Tight (SAN has several fat-burning products. Be sure to try them and find the one that works best for you). This is followed by 35-45 minutes of cardio before a healthy breakfast. I then prep for and travel to my acting class for the afternoon. Since I am not using much energy, my next meal is only protein and a salad. If possible, I’ll take a short rest after class, then fuel up with a protein shake, some Tight, and
CM2 Nitrate Creatine before heading to the gym for weight training or my performance workout. After my workout, I’ll have another meal with protein, vegetables and carbs, then take a short nap of 20-30 minutes (As you may notice, those of us who are genetically disposed to have more muscle, pretty much all bodybuilders and fitness athletes, tire quickly and need lots of rest throughout the day). After my evening nap, I spend my time working with clients, shopping, cooking and prepping food for the next day, and studying English. I then have a final round of cardio for about 40 minutes, followed by a meal of protein and vegetables. After a day like this, sleep comes easily, lol.”

#2 Arnold Schwarzenegger

“You train five hours a day, as I did when I was competing, and people say, My God, you’re so disciplined. But it has nothing to do with discipline; I loved it. Because I knew that every time I went to the gym I was one step closer to winning the competition.”

I couldn’t find a quote from Him telling a typical day so his training buddies wrote a couple things.

Danny Padilla: Around 7-7:30 a.m. we would have breakfast and then walk to Gold’s and work out. At that time, we were training each body part twice per day. For instance, we would train chest and back in the morning, then legs at night. We would work out, go have lunch and, then relax, hit the beach and get some sun. That was the lifestyle we lived. We lived in the Golden Age.

Frank Zane: Sure, there were no sponsorships. I had to work. The only guy who did not have to work was Arnold, and even he was only getter a meager salary from Weider. It was hardly anything, but it was enough to make ends meet while he was training. Nobody else had a deal like that.

#3 Gabby Douglas

I wake up at about 9 a.m., and have a few hours of school or time to relax. Then, I have practice at 2:30 p.m. with my team. We warm up, do some conditioning exercises, stretch, and then do our floor events. Practice lasts about four hours. Then I go home to eat dinner and relax! “

#4 Tanji Johnson

“I’m Tanji Johnson, IFBB fitness pro and six-time fitness champion. I am the founder and coach of the Save Fitness Team, and also serve as an NPC judge and promoter. At a week out from the 2011 Fitness International, this is a typical day in my life.

7 am Devotion and prayer time. I have my Americano and spend time with the Lord before starting my day, 8 am Check in with my nutritionist for bodyfat testing before starting my morning cardio session, 10 am For my postworkout meal, I’ll have an egg white omelet with peppers, ½ avocado and ½ cup of oatmeal, 11 am I blog for several Web sites including my own Excellent Spirit blog series. Then I make business calls, 1 pm Meet with my spiritual life coach as we discuss all aspects of my life from business to personal matters, 2 pm Work with my strength coach, Steve Atlas on my handstand work. Steve puts me through a series of strength modalities to develop superior upper body strength for my routine elements, 5 pm I work with some of my Save Fitness clients on their posing. I teach both figure and bikini posing to my clients to make sure their presentation is well rounded, 7 pm Gymnastics with my teammates. This is when I practice my routine and work on my tricks. I’m also able to monitor and assist in the progress of my clients as we share in this experience, 9 pm I head back to the gym for my final cardio session which is always followed by some time in the steam room. This has been great for my skin!, 11 pm Relax on the couch and enjoy watching some of my favorite TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy before falling asleep.”

#5 Ally Baker                                                                                                                                    (Gym owner Rab Fitness and IFBB pro)

“I wake up between 5/6am and do morning cardio… go to gym and train clients for a few hours… come home and do some work (meal plans, check and return emails, etc)… back to the gym in afternoon to workout for about an hour then usually train clients for a few hours again… between 6/7pm back home for the evening and back to computer to work… I usually prep food about 2x per week and I’ll eat 6x per day… I work Monday thru Friday training clients at Rab and work on meal plans typically wed thru Sun… but there’s ALWAYS something to be doing… very little down time… I love my job and am blessed to have what I have… always trying to maintain balance in my life which is a constant struggle with owning a business. ;)

What I learned from taking a glimpse of an athlete’s life:

1) They have lives too. They work, eat, train, eat again, train more, sleep, work, and don’t give into feelings on how tired they are from their day, but they just DO IT. It’s lifestyle, their passion, and succeeding as a true professional athlete by staying committed and working hard at it each and every day. No matter how busy or tired they are. Fitting it in with each little time gap available and making use of the time they have.

2) In order to have busy lives and stay on track they must do a lot of PREPERATION. They will have to prepare meals the night before or during the weekend to make sure they eat their healthy portioned meals to fuel and feed their bodies, they need to prepare their mind as well with the Word of God or any positive thinking to progressively stay in the game Mentally, supps/water/workout clothes always available, and eating/training sessions monitored either by a personal trainer, workout/food journal, self ect.

3) Professional Athlete’s don’t grow overnight or even in a year. It takes day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year, and even decade after decade to be where their at today. In other words it takes patience, hard work, and commitment to be where their at today. Through struggles and victories they keep pushing forward and they don’t let any obstacles get in their way. If anything their struggles are making them stronger, and more ready for what lies ahead. But overall it’s patience and hard work, and when the moment happens and they shine, then that is their time, no rush though just giving 100% and when the moment and time is right and Theirs- they will own it and walk towards it with victory.

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Stay Lean during the Holidays

Yes it’s that time of year where we are with our families and friends enjoying the upcoming holidays! I don’t know about you but I am loving this time of year! I’m in Colorado at the moment visiting my family, and we haven’t been together since last Christmas, way too long :/ It’s been hard for me living far away from family, just to be with them and laugh and talk.

I know temptations are surrounding us with holiday parties, get togethers, and yummy holiday favorites being easily accessible. So what to do when out of your normal routine and trying to keep your physique dialed in while at the same time are trying to enjoy it?

I will tell you..

1. UNO FEAST Since my “Thanksgiving” is basically all week and not just one day, I find out what meal we are going to indulge in most, and make the other meals more protein/fat related and then splurge on whichever meal is our biggest that day.

2. LIQUIDIFY I’m constantly drinking water/coffee/tea to hold me over and to stay hydrated which also prevents cravings.

3. I-WORKOUT Since I am with my family and feel like I shouldn’t take a lot of time at a gym I am doing quick and effective at home workouts using bodyweight and lots of reps for “resistance” training and then will move lots and play with the dog and kids will be my “cardio”. Hiking, playing in the snow, sports, or ice skating are other fun holiday things to do.

4. PARTY RIGHT I don’t drink so that is not an issue I deal with but if you are I would do straight up shot with sparkling water and wait till the event or occasion to start drinking, not the morning/afternoon of! Also every other drink can be a glass of water.

5. CHILL OUT By enjoying the moments and having fun and not setting your mind on your body, you are freeing the stress of gaining weight and replacing it with amazing memories with your family. So chill out, have fun, and it will be good for your waistline. Because when you are stressed, your cortisol levels rise, which causes fat stores and excess circulating fat to be relocated and deposited deep in the abdomen.


To reduce appetite: Hoodia+Chromium

To use fat for fuel: Liquid L carnitine+ Omega 3

To digest and assimilate nutrients: Digestive Enzymes+ Apple Cider Vinegar

To energize: B Complex+ Espresso

To Calm down: Magnesium+ Rescue remedy

That is all I have for you right now. Enjoy the holidays, Be thankful, and savor every moment with your family and friends. And with the craziness in public areas during this time of year, be the light in the dark, a helping hand, loving and caring person, and you might make someone’s day. Lots of people without families are lonely and just want to be loved. I want to do my best to truly love people!! God Bless,


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Start, today!

We all have goals and things in life we want to improve on. My question is How much effort are we giving on a daily basis to strive for progress in that particular area? Someone might say Well….I do this and this but mostly im tired by the end of the day and don’t have the time or energy to really put effort towards that area. Then it questions me, is it really important to us?  Are we not willing to sacrifice some time for something long-term we want to improve on? Are we going to look back and be satisfied with the daily efforts given today or are we going to look back and wish we made it work and made time for it? Do we need to prioritize differently or change things in our schedule to make other things fit in?

It’s time to evaluate and write down what needs to be done to help stay on track and taking Action Steps, daily!

Everyday is a gift from God. I don’t want to waste a day and He does say work 6 days and rest 1. Things don’t always get handed to us, work is involved. God also says you will reap what you sow. What are we sowing today?

Are you confused where to start? It might mean you need to hire a professional for help in a certain area. Google is a good resource but there is so much crap, I would truly recommend finding a professional in your area in which their profession is all they do, study, and breathe. I think that is more trustworthy and worth our money :)

But yes I believe it’s time to make a decision with me and not give in to laziness and give everyday our best and living to our full potential. Life is too short to look back with “I wish..”.




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It’s that time again..

The news from the previous post is I am 3 weeks out.. from a Figure Competition!

I decided to do one before the year ended and with this year while feeling spiritually and mentally stronger! I am taking a whole different approach. Not just “following the plan” but listening to my body and taking breaks when needed, rest days when needed, taking in more food, not being obsessive,  not letting competing control my life, very calm and relaxed, and most importantly enjoying the journey and making it fun and worthwhile. Really putting importance on health and no extreme approaches just taking it little by little.

There is one setback I’m dealing with during this prep which is a bummer, but I am working around it, which is a bruised rib, to the point I can’t crunch forward and do core work. But being my own trainer I am working around it. I’m also doing my own nutrition like always. So we’ll see what happens :)

Well I thought I’d let you know and if you’d like to come, the details are…

October 19, 2013 
Seven Feathers Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Men’s & Women’s Physique Championships
Seven Feathers Casino & Resort – Canyonville, OR

(National Qualifier) Featuring: Bodybuilding, Men’s & Women’s Physique, Fitness, Figure and Bikini. Guest Poser will be Joe DiRousie


TELEPHONE SALES : 503.376.6361

Finals Seating is arranged as you order, first come/first serve, don’t delay. 10 SEATS ARE AT EACH TABLE.

Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Discover accepted.


/ Start time 10:00 AM / Doors open at 9:15 AM.

(General admission, seat yourself)


Start time 7:00 PM / Doors open at 6:15 PM




Thank You Guys for your support! I am curious on how my outcome will be with this new approach. And with a bruised rib, but I don’t let things stop me, there’s always way to work around. Maybe not the most ideal, but making this realistic and letting you guys know you can achieve and succeed by doing your best with what you have and have going on. Not always perfect way but it’s a way better than Not trying at all :)


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Fall is here!

Hi guys,

I am just reflecting over 2013, and wow what  a year it’s been! I’m living in Kennewick, out on my own, living for God, Personal Training, Gymnastics Coaching, developing amazing friendships, I am seeing a guy that blows me off my feet, and I have been enjoying the outdoors, and keeping up with my fitness/nutrition at the same time! I wake up every morning so thankful and blessed, words can’t describe. Thank You JESUS!! Of course through all the good, there is things in life that happen that “set you back “and “turn out not so good”, but honestly I even thank God for the Bad because that is how I keep growing to a stronger, mature, and well-rounded person is because of it and plus by keeping a positive peaceful attitude through the STORM! I encourage you guys to keep committing to what is important to you and give efforts everyday and you’ll be enjoying life’s blessings. Just doing what is right and doing what you do with passion can make a world difference. Then being thankful for the blessings placed upon and waking up wanting to give back! And Go the Extra Mile for the Lord!

By the way I am planning to put more attention to my blog site and you guys this fall :) Can you please give feedback on what you’d like to see? And also what kind of online services I shall make available or EBook requests? Thank You.

Oh and I have some news.. You will for sure find out in a few weeks but keep your eyes out ;)

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