I’m thinking of how accountability affects us and our success with it.

Such as your boss telling you to show up at 7am for work everyday. Or any health/beauty appointments made with accountability to show up to them. Or when your going to college at nights and your teacher expects you there Mon-Fri at 6pm.

When people are counting on you to show up, does it drive you out of bed?

Are you a person that will not miss a class/work/appt. unless you are ill or it’s an emergency??

It sounds like you need accountability for a high rate of success.

What area yields inconsistency reflecting lack of results?

Professionals do what they do for a living to help You be consistent and successful in that area. They help you stay accountable; on track. Not just consistent but also with the best strategy and plan. They do it for a living and breathe and live that area of life.

Depending on how much accountability needed to do what’s in mind, there’s usually different packages available.

Let’s be specific here.

Being a fitness professional, my goal is to help you live a fit lifestyle, to become healthier and stronger physically and mentally. My goal is to help you incorporate health and fitness habits into your lifestyle that can be maintainable, living your dream fit life 365 days a year. I’m all about long term results and producting nutrition, workout, health, and mindset habits that can fit into your lifestyle yielding amazing results to feel the best you can feel! My strategies are different for each person, depending on your schedule, your goal(s), your past workout history/injuries, commitment level, taste- what satifies you, and more. Some people need intense coaching, my highest coaching package for ultimate success, others need a weekly/monthly plan.

The first step is to admit ” I need help. I’ve been up and down when it comes to Working out and Eating healthy. I need guidance on what to do, what steps to take, and accountability to get going again.”

The 2nd step is to figure out:

-How much guidance and coaching you need to keep you accountable? And which package will fit best for the amount of coaching needed? Click Here.

-If you are ready to live a fit life. Which often includes sacrifice and being outside of your comfort zone.

Last step:

Email me:

Tell me what you need help with. I will email you questionnaires as we schedule a Phone/Skype consult.

Let me help you get on track again, today and forever!

I hope you have a great Friday!! Thank You<3

1 week until my first photoshoot..

Yes, that is right. Very excited and nervous! But you might be thinking, “How about in your competition days or the years being in the fitness industry?” I will be honest with you… I didn’t want to do a photoshoot when being ripped after a competition because I don’t want to portray that for public, with people in hope that it’s maintainable, but in all truth it is not. I couldn’t keep my competition body for more than a week or even day[s]. I didn’t want people to see that and then look at me in person, not recognizing who was in the picture. And even if it was for “me” because of all the hard work it took to get on stage, I didn’t need a photoshoot worth of pictures, due to the photographer that takes pics during the competition and backstage pics. Those were enough to hold on to. So that is why I haven’t done a photoshoot yet.

So what am I doing now that is different for preparation? Well 2014 my goal changed to no more “off season” or “prep mode” to lifestyle, achieving a body I can maintain 365 days a year. So I am eating the same a week out from the photoshoot than I was 6 weeks ago. I want you to see my current pictures and look at it with inspiration that you can maintain a fit, healthy body with a flexible approach that doesn’t consume your life. Minimal cardio and no extreme dieting approach. Just healthy choices 85% of the time. I want you to be comfortable with curves and muscle. It’s the new sexy! I weigh more than I have, its hard to go clothes shopping, but guess what I LOVE MY BODY, all the curves, the muscles, and imperfections. This is the state and lifestyle I want to be in, when having my first photoshoot.

To give you an idea, I had Halloween candy, popcorn, Pho, and other goodies in the last couple days, because I can. I know my body will use it as fuel for my next workout. Nothing to stress about, even if you have a photoshoot in a week. It’s what I would of done anyway and I want to portray that I’m human in the midst of living a healthy, fit life.

Live your dream fit life! Message me. Thank You,



Looking back on when I was a personal trainer at various gyms, something that bothered me and feel like I was almost wasting my time were clients or potential new ones with lack of commitment. You would think the opposite because they specifically hired you to help keep them in shape and to exercise regularly, to commit and prioritize their health for complete well being. But I’d say it’d happen daily there were no-shows, last minute cancellations, or the same with new member free fitness consultations. I feel like I am more excited and motivated to help these people to take a step up on their health and fitness to feel better inside and out than they are. I don’t take it personally, I am more sad for them, for a trainer waiting for them, or even the money ($50 and up) won’t bring them in regularly. I’m talking about the one’s that consistently don’t show up. What a luxury by the way to drop over $50/hr for nothing.

The word commitment just beats around in my mind.

Webster’s Dictionary defines commitment as

– a promise to do or give something

-a promise to be loyal to someone or something

-the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something

To put it in literal terms. A client or potential new client promises to show up at the designated appointment time.

In our lives we have commitments to all areas. It can be relational to love your spouse. It can be to take your kids to school. It can be to show up at work to do your job, assigned tasks. It can be to Jesus and to depend on Him in all you do. It can be to arrive at your appointments such as doctor, hair, nail ect. It can be rent and making your payments the 1st of the month for 12 months. It can be an animal that your committed to take care of. As you can see, there is several commitments we have and make in our life.

I think commitments( big or small) mean the same as to your nail appointment to the commitment of marriage. If we practice being uncommitted in small areas, it will eventually lead to big areas. Yes the consequence of each commitment is different, but our body, mind, and soul learn by the way we practice everyday. Not only that but the trust lost can be huge. The next time you’ll say you are going to be there, the one on the other side won’t know if they should take it seriously. And that is sad.

There is ONE commitment that is bigger than any others is a commitment to God. For it says in Luke 14:26-27 “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple. ” Jesus wants us to be committed to Him 100% This verse really spoke to me because I’m really close to my family, but God might lead us a different direction than where we’re comfortable at. When your committed to God He can use you and work through you for His glory. But if we are more committed to other things or people, it’s hard for God to use us when we are stuck in our own ways.

Something to note is things happen- life happens and that is ok but its when it’s more convenient or easy to say “no” when you already said “yes”. Let’s practice commitment in everything in our daily lives. Who is with me? I understand it’s going to be hard or maybe more consciousness on what you say your going to do but it will be worth it. We’ll be more dependent, committed, trustworthy, full of integrity, and responsible individuals. In which when God sees you can handle small things in life, He hands over bigger things.

Luke 16:10-13″ One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. If then you have not been faithful in the unrighteous wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches? And if you have not been faithful in that which is another’s, who will give you that which is your own? No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.”

Is cardio needed?

One thing that has haunted me for awhile, after my last figure competition, is cardio. It was the fact that I had to do it most days of the week for the longest time to get how shredded I was for stage. Whenever I would do it after my last competition it felt the opposite of enjoyable and I also felt like all the years of competing my body needed time to repair itself without extra stress that exercise can give. But I enjoyed weight training too much and decided to give cardiovascular workouts a break and see what my body could do. I performed Heavy Lifting with some Handstand/bodyweight circuits that could technically count as cardio but they were more for fun and not like my sole purpose was to get a cardio workout. Anyways I saw my body get a little thicker, but I do remember gaining energy for my weight workouts which was good, and then my body adjusted to no cardio and actually started to lean out again without it. It showed I could get lean without it when on a controlled consistent diet with just lifting weights. Probably just 1-2months ago I decided to add a little cardio just to prepare my body for outdoor actiivites when hiking, biking, ect. But WOW I felt so out of shape. I couldn’t run a mile without stopping:/ and def. went down on speed on the cardio machines. I do expect a decrease in performance when stopping cardio but then it made me motivated and I realized I WANT to keep up on my cardio game to build it up again and be more of a well-rounded athlete. Back then I was using cardio as a staple to shred down, but now I am doing it for health. That perspective itself helps make cardio a long-term habit. Which is what we want when living the lifestyle. What does your cardio training look like during a week? Do you do it or no?

Carbs are our friends!


Cardio, Weight Training, Daily Activity(TED)= Energy

When you ingest carbohydrates your body transports it to where its needed most. First is to replenish/recover the muscles, give the brain some fuel, and kidneys. Then the remaining carbohydrates stores in the muscle as glycogen for backup fuel, to the liver as glycogen, and to the body as fat.

If you train hard and intensely everyday with aerobics and weight training plus a high activity level, you will need more carbs than you think to replenish glycogen levels. Insufficient supply of carbs can hinder workout performance, memory/brain activity, and energy to perform your daily activities.

There are 3 macronutrients that will fuel us: Carbs, Protein, and Fat.

Our body will first use carbs as energy, then fat as energy, and then protein as energy(catabolism).

If we are not fueled correctly, our body can easily break down your hard-earned muscle and your diet can leave you tired, weak, and dependent on caffeine(or maybe that’s just me😉. It’s important to eat enough carbs to fuel our daily activity, brain, and workouts, and to eat enough fat, which helps burn fat, and is excellent for keeping your hormones balanced, and enough protein to build and preserve muscle while providing amino acids for recovery.

How do you know if your eating enough of each macronutrient? Simply TRACK, there are free apps but the most common one is “My Fitness Pal” and you can make sure your eating enough of each macronutrient for superior results in the gym and outside of it too-personal/work life!!

With the main focus of carbohydrates. I just think over the years many of us have developed this harsh mentality that they are bad. I know I have. But then while knowing carbs is the number one energy macronutrient and if you want to perform better, think better, have energy to do the things you enjoy, YOU NEED CARBOHYDRATES TO FUNCTION AND TO FUNCTION WELL!

But then the question becomes, “Ok I now understand that I need to eat more carbs, but can I still be in a deficit and lose bodyfat with carbs being on the more moderate-high side? Well this is how I think of it…

With more energy I will lift harder yet build more muscle in which my body will now burn more calories at rest.

With more energy I will do everything I want to do in a day, I will accomplish more and will play more in which those two things will make me ahead of the game and have more fun in a day.

With more energy, I will be able to think better which means do a ridiculous amount of writing, researching, reading, and any studies to continue education and do business work.

With more energy, I will be on my feet more and expand more calories which means my activity level with naturally increase, expending more calories each day.

And if you are not recreating your body and life by eating more carbs you can change your percentages more. Keeping the carbs on the moderate-high, protein- .8-1g/lb of bodyweight and fat enough to stabilize hormones about 50-60g worth whichever percentage that is for you!

Well I hope this blog helped you in some way or another. Let me know if you need more specific help!

It’s YOUR time to start living a dream fit life!

Consistency for the win!


I wanted to share the amazing thing about consistency. No matter how you eat, what you follow, what patterns or foods eaten, ect. If you are CONSISTENT with it, 365 days a year, that equals a successful way of eating for your mind, body, and soul. Your ultimately able to live your dream fit life, striding in confidence, health, and happiness inside and out to live the life you’ve been called to. Let me mention some things that shows its successful….

-You are satisfied after each meal

-You are binge-free

-You don’t have feelings attached to food

-You don’t mind eating like this for the rest of your life

-Your not cutting food groups out and can only eat 5 things

-Your not obsessed about anything nutrition. Eating is just something mandatory for energy, health, and performance. Food is not the only thing in your head. Your able to think clearer on your life purpose.

Also a wonderful thing about consistency is you can have more “out of the norm” meals such as the ones at social gatherings, restaurants, special occasions, random cravings of any sort, ect. I eat “out of the norm” meals 1-3x/week and can still see my abs. When you are consistent with something for so long, your body can handle those calories in which I feel go straight to my next workouts. There almost like energy/muscle boosts and they seem to help my progress rather than hinder my progress. More PR’s and less social eating guilt! Consistency for the win!

Have you found what works for you? Something you can be consistent with and live your dream fit life! I understand everyone’s ways will be different. We are not all programmed the same. Different habits, different schedules, different likings, different goals, different pasts, in which I am confident in helping you in finding your Consistent way! It’s very individualized yet freedom lined up with YOUR Life!! All it takes is one email.

Progress is different for everyone.

When did you begin your first diet? I bet we can all remember a fad diet we followed when we were younger whether you found it in a magazine, book, or one a friend or family member was doing. We all have different backgrounds on our dieting history and unfortunately for most of us, we have read and believed from a young age that these so called “dieting rules”, which has been so engraved in our minds to be true that guilt is felt from this day when “breaking a diet rule” when most likely it’s a myth and therefore freedom should lie.

Let’s be honest. What diet rule do you still follow that is probably not true but something you’ve been taught your whole life? Well my first diet was in 7th grade and it was my mom, sister, and I who did it. We ate a big grilled chicken Caesar salad 3x/day and cut out carbs. At that young of age I saw my body lean out more than its ever been and since then I thought carbs were bad and haven’t ate a sandwich since. Yes that is my diet rule I followed, no bread products since the 7th grade. Well as I got older I kind of modified my rule, I said I wouldn’t eat an actual slice of bread but tortillas, cookies, things that are bread-like but not bread I ate. Which is silly to think about because those foods are the same or higher macros than a slice of bread. But ever since last week I had my FIRST peanut butter and jelly sandwich since the 7th grade! WOW, tasted like Heaven!!!!! Progress is different for everyone.

Learning Lesson: There is no “bad” foods or magic foods that will help shed fat. It’s about having a calorie deficit and about your end of the day macros(carbs, proteins, fats). If you burn more than you eat, your in a calorie deficit(fat loss). If you eat more than you burn, you are in a calorie surplus(muscle/fat gain). If you eat just as much as you burn, you are in maintenance( maintaining your current body shape).

It wasn’t cutting out bread products that made me leaner, it was my end of the day macros. By not eating the bread I ate less carbs and calories, Yes I ate other foods in exchange but I still was in a deficit. That is the joy on IIFYM. Eat what you want, as long as it fits your macros. Yes you want vitamins and minerals from whole foods and I do have nutritious foods daily but in conjuction to what else I’d like on my plate. This also leaves you guilt free which dieting should feel like. And by the way it’s not just this last week I made progress with eating bread, I just haven’t had the craving to eat it since it’s been so long.

What is a story that displays your progress on food, dieting, ect? Is there a rule you have been following that you should re-examine and ask yourself. Where did my mentality on this root from? Why do I feel guilt everytime I eat? What am I believing and what should I really believe about the science behind fat loss? These are some serious in-depth questions. Let me help you lose fat for good!