Alright I’m excited to announce my new website is finally done!!!!! I am available for online and local coaching and I have eBooks on the shelf :) For those who are still following, I want to thank you for your support and patience. January I decided I wanted to do online coaching primarily and personal train […]

personal training

This is my 6th year of personal training. I enjoy every single second of it. I love my clients. I love helping people. I love being around fitness all the time. I love my clients. Yes incase you missed that. What do I not enjoy? Gym companies and how poorly they treat their employees. The […]

2015 goal setting

After today and tomorrow it will be 2015!! Wow another year. There’s some highs and some lows but through it all I am so thankful of everything. And to keep pressing on through the lows, thanks to the Lord for being strong for when I am weak. A big shout out to my mom and […]

Stress Less and Live more

If I have really grasped something during Christmas Time It is To Stress Less(worry less) and be led and lean on God in all situations. There has been some ups and downs lately, a lot of big decisions to make, and honestly all I want to do is try to figure things out, but I […]

staying lean year round

My first figure competition was in 2011 and last one occurred fall of 2013. Because bodybuilding was my sport for those years, I would cut/bulk certain times of the year, depending on my show date. But now fast forward to 2014, I have a new goal, which is to stay lean year round. 365 days a year. […]

Question for you..

If you were to think about the fitness industry and all it has to offer, in what way would you like more help? Think of a way that can ultimately help Y-O-U in your fitness journey. Maybe something many fitness professionals are already doing, or a way where those services need more of , or even an imaginary […]