In Home Personal Training

I’m calling all work professionals, stay at home mom’s, or simply one’s that are just plain busy- on the GRIND, who needs a Fitness trainer to show up at their house and work them out to their potential in the convenient of your own home! No minute will be wasted driving to the gym and going home from the gym, no dollar will be wasted on a rarely used gym membership, no need to waste time to attempt planning workouts/ nutrition tips to get the body you desire, will feel great with, and conquer any specific goal with. That is my job, my main focus is helping you attain your health and fitness goals, to make it super convenient for you, and have a mind of peace knowing your doing everything you need to do to attain your goals when doing the work and committing to the plan. I will create customized workouts for you and your body and push you through the workout. I will help guide you on a right nutrition program and you will feel great, confident, energized, strong, agile, flexible, and the best version of YOU!

I’m taking on clients in Denver- Centennial- Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Parker, Englewood, and Littleton, Colorado or 30min radius from 80126. If the location is 20min away or over a $5 gas fee will be added on per session.

Call or Text 360-931-9912 to set up your first free Fitness Assessment where I get to learn more about you, your body, and goals!

From there we could set-up our sessions for the month. The price per session is dependent on how many times you train a week, ranging from $50-70/ session (not including gas).

Let’s get to it! It’ll be a fun journey ahead. No need to waste time pondering, for the time is NOW! Call or Text ASAP. Limited spots available.

❤ Amanda




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