I love what I do. I help people the most I can when it comes to Excercise, Nutrition, Lifestyle changes, Supplementation, ECT. I could not thank God enough for this opportunity.

One thing I noticed I don’t talk enough about is EXCERCISE; MY FAVORITE!

” Push it. Press. Pull. Don’t stop. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Pause. Feel the muscle your working. Activate. Slower. Faster. 5 more. All the way down. All the way up. Fix your posture. Even it out. Keep your abs engaged. Just do itt.”

You would hear that from me a lot if I was training you. So many things are Crucial when it comes to an effective workout, and one of them being form!

Are you correctly splitting your workouts to the most advantage and in a way where it’s helping you become closer to your overall goal? Do you question yourself if you’re doing enough variety of exercises and also the right form to successfully create the body you want without overworking or underworking certain muscle groups? Do you find yourself plateud or have difficulty moving forward in certain exercises?  Have you been doing the same routine for months or even years? Are you using your time wisely?

It might be the time for a customized workout plan that includes Resistance training and Cardio training designed in a way to meet your goals and allowing you to take that next step needed to get you out of a zone where progress is still. To really make sure to see you’re doing things correctly and following things like I’d suggest, it would of course be a lot more beneficial in person.In which I train at Battle Ground Fitness, Naydenov Gymnastics, Lewisville Park, or even at your home for extra cost. But if that is not possible we can work something out online and help you understand it to your best ability even if it takes me uploading videos on demonstration,ect.

Excercise is something we do almost daily. Too much of the same things in the row cause a plateau. But for best progress I recommend a new routine every 3 weeks….yes its uncomfortable to do new things. But results take work, can’t sit in the comfort zone and wish for miracles. You have to earn and work almost daily and push it a good 3-6days a week depending on goals. It will become a lifestyle. You will see the results and crave more. You will Sweat, Build, Lean, Tighten, and feel amazing!

Message me for additional info- Keep up the intensity and have a wonderful day!


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