If you live in Colorado State or are willing to travel to train with me, here are some in person training options!!
Personal Training: One-on-one session, in which the whole session is designed for YOU and your goals. I want to help bring you to your highest potential and to be able to use what you learn for the rest of your life.
Small Group Training: 2-4 people for small group training. Great for couples or friends that want to train together and still want a kick-butt workout.
Outdoor Training : During your private training sessions, if you’d like to train outside it can be done! We can meet at a park/trail and I have equipment to bring, or even just utilitize the surroundings and bodyweight.
Gymnastics/Tumbling private lessons: For kids 6-18yrs old! One on one sessions working on certain skills that needs improvement or wants to be attained or for someone who wants to improve and learn more of each event: Floor, Beam, Vault, and Bars or someone that wants to train like a gymnast with gymnastics workouts/basic skills or even improve their tumbling!
Sports conditioning: For anyone who needs to improve for a specific sport or hobby and wants his/her training to relate directly to what they’re doing. This is effective and eliminates wasted time.
Consultations: This is a meet up to do weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. What will happen is a fitness test, circumference measurements, body fat testing, review food log, discuss/revise plan to keep yourself accountable and checked up on for consistent progress.
If your not around the area of Colorado, these are some options for you!!
Workout Plan: Based on your goals and fitness level, I will write out a specific plan that you can use in the gym and follow for maximum results.
To prevent plateaus, I recommend a new one every 3 weeks.
At Home/ Travel Workout Plan: Great for those that want to stay in extreme condition and shape when on the road or have access to only a home gym with minimal to no equipment!
Fitness/Gymnastics Training Plan(Beg to Advanced): Depending on your level and what your gymnastics skill or strength training goals are, I can help have a guide to excel and advance you to that next level of skills/strength when it comes to gymnastics. This can be good for gymnasts, fitness competitors, or gymnastics enthusiasts that are always trying to become BETTER!
Ebooks: Obstacle Course Training

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