If you live in Colorado State or are willing to travel to train with me, here are some in person training options!!
Personal Training: One-on-one session, in which the whole session is designed for YOU and your goals. I want to help bring you to your highest potential and to be able to use what you learn for the rest of your life.
Small Group Training: 2-4 people for small group training. Great for partners or friends that want to train together and still want a kick-butt workout.
Group Classes: Advanced Bootcamp (will list times/location when starting it back up)
Outdoor Training : During your private sessions and sometimes bootcamp, if you’d like to train outside it can be done! There is a cool park with lots of nature and things to utilize that will surprise your body how great outdoor training is!
Gymnastics private lessons: One on one sessions working on certain skills that needs improvement or wants to be attained or for someone who wants to improve and learn more of each event: Floor, Beam, Vault, and Bars or someone that wants to train like a gymnast with gymnastics workouts/basic skills.
Sports conditioning: For anyone who needs to improve for a specific sport or hobby and wants his/her training to relate directly to what they’re doing. This is effective and eliminates wasted time.
Consultations: This is a meet up to do weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. What will happen is a fitness test, circumference measurements, body fat testing, review food log, discuss/revise plan to keep yourself accountable and checked up on for consistent progress.
If your not around the area of Colorado, these are some options for you!!
Workout Plan: Based on your goals and fitness level, I will write out a specific plan that you can use in the gym and follow for maximum results.
To prevent plateaus, I recommend a new one every 3 weeks.
At Home/ Travel Workout Plan: Great for those that want to stay in extreme condition and shape when on the road or have access to only a home gym with minimal to no equipment!
Fitness/Gymnastics Training Plan(Beg to Advanced): Depending on your level and what your gymnastics skill or strength training goals are, I can help have a guide to excel and advance you to that next level of skills/strength when it comes to gymnastics. This can be good for gymnasts, fitness competitors, or gymnastics enthusiasts that are always trying to become BETTER!
Flexibility progressions: Do you want to limber up? Do you want to be not just strong- but Functionally strong? Increase mobility, decrease chances of injury- then you need my Flexibility Ebook!

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